October 8, 2010

Project: Prestige 500 S

Prestige wants to make the last part of 2010 a very busy year for them presenting a total of three new projects. The new Prestige 500 S will replace the 50 S2 and as all the range is a Garroni design, with Premorel for the concept. For the 500 S Garroni follows similar ingenuity details as seen on relative Jeanneau family sport cruiser the new NC11, but here having bigger possibilities due to the extra four metres in size. The interior is full of superb concepts starting with the astern galley by the patio door, to the full beam owners master stateroom. Most impressive is surely that this is a three cabins sport yacht with full beam owners suite layout none of which is a bunk berth. Below offers space for three cabins, and apart the mentioned owners room located to mid ship, we have a VIP to fore peak, and a third two single berths guest room. Other creative ideas are the telescopic aft deck sun shield, and another open canopy for the fore deck sun pads, both of these usually found on boats of bigger sizes. Power options has so far not been announced but the image does show a pair of Volvo second generation series drives which should offer a power of 600 or 700hp to this thirteen tons sport yacht.


  1. yes, a very beautiful boat. The video on their website is very interesting.

  2. As always thank you for your comments Fred.
    What I like about what the Beneteau Group (Beneteau, Prestige, Jeanneau, Monte Carlo) doing is that they always offer a very competitive price to their products. For example the above might have a price of about between 25% less a Princess V52, Sessa C54 or Atlantis 50x4. If you compare it to an upcoming new model of the new Fairline 50 Targa it might be more to this. With both models having a similar concept i.e. fully enclosed or open main deck, but no IPS for Fairline and no full beam stateroom, altough this last will surely be a bit better built, and have more luxurious finishing. Altough not by much as Presige have always a high standard.

  3. Thank you and thanks for your articles.
    I do agree your view about Beneteau and it works: Beneteau Group turnover beat their forecasts this year despite a challenging market...
    I was thinking about pricing someday ago, reading your article about Fountain Pajot, another French Group.
    Actually, I think Fountain Pajot is overpriced by 20/30% considering the quality of finishing and the -not enough visionaries- concepts of their indoor.
    Their new Queensland 55 is very promising though in term of quality and innovations but again, that is expensive (the price of 70's ft range).
    I think the secret of Beneteau is they design their boat with the best resources... Italian/British designers....

  4. True, and I think that they employ them full time with a contract.
    Garroni responsible for Prestige, Jeanneau NC & Jeann Leader is full time with them since 10 years. I think he used to do Sessa in the past but I am not 1005 sure.
    Andreani who does Beneteau Monte Carlo , and Flyer comes from Cranchi. He virtually created the success in the eighties of this brand with the Cranchi family with models as the 31 Endurance, 32 Cruiser, Clipper, 25 GT etc etc.
    May be only the Monte Carlo range is sub contracted to Nuvolari Lenard, but I imagine this colloboration to be long lasting to.
    But for the first two names who have been in fact a turn around in the Beneteau Group motor boat fortune there is contract surely going on in the last 10 for Garroni and 5 years Andreanni.

    Thank you for the compliments!

  5. It was my pleasure to visit the Jeanneau Prestige Plant in France during November and December of 2010. I was also present at the Paris boat show introduction of the 500S.
    I was very impressed with the production line for the Prestige yachts. They implement very efficient methods that allow them to offer a great product at a very competitive price.
    I also met all the execs of the Jeanneau Prestige group and I'm pleased to say that they were very attentive to all of our input with regards to their products.
    Their design team has done an amazing job with the interior layouts and use of space. The 500S and 500fly feels like a much larger yachts.
    The 500S will be available for the first time in America during the Miami International Boat show. I encourage everyone to take a look.