August 9, 2023

Nordhavn Hits Reef Capsizes and Sinks

A fourteen meter Nordhavn explorer cruiser hit a reef capsized and then sank in 45NW Vancouver, Canada on the morning of nine August.  It was a sad turn of events and a bit unfortunate for the explorer cruiser, which after hitting its bottom, rolled to its starboard side, capsized and then sank.  The explorer cruiser was a day later recovered by a barge ship and taken to Campbell River to one of the yards in the area for a big repair.  
The Nordhavn in this sinking is a 47 model, produced from 2002 to 2009 in 59 units.  The Nordhavn 47 offered a two double cabins interior and is powered by a single Lugger 165hp engine for speeds up to nine knots, and a range up to three thousand nautical miles on an efficient seven knots cruise.  Replacing Nordhavn's first 46 model released in 1989, the N47 evolved into the 52 via length extension in 2009.

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