August 26, 2023

Thirty Boats Burn Down in Nautica Feltrinelli

A fire which started in the early 02:40 hours of Saturday 26th August at Nautica Feltrinelli in via della Libera Gargnano, Brescia burned about thirty boats. The fire started in a semi-basement boat storage facility of the boat yard, with the alarm and automatic fire extinguishing system igniting to the flames, and three squads of fire fighting squads arriving immediately on the scene.  It was also reported that at ongoing fire one of the Feltrinelli's saved a few of the boats by towing them away.  According to the initial investigation the fire was ignited by a short circuit on one of the boats.
Feltrinelli boating history goes back in time to 1639 with Pietro a family of boat builders in Gargnano on the Garda lake.  The current set up was started by Egidio Feltrinelli in 1919, a returned American migrant in Gargnano who starts building fast racing boats, with the yard becoming a boat storage and repair centre in 1963 by Fausto.  Today Nautica Feltrinelli is guided by Dino, and is Frauscher Italy's dealer since 2003.

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