August 17, 2023

Sunseeker Yacht Ends Aground in Ilha Desert

A nineteen meter Sunseeker sport yacht with twelve persons onboard ended aground at about 02:00 hours of Thursday seventeen August, in Ilha Deserta located to the West of Faro Olhao in Portugal.  The passengers where assisted by the Portugal Maritime police, and a sixteen meter sport yacht which was traveling with the grounded super yacht. All the persons where uninjured in this grounding collision. The sport yacht was removed from Ilha Deserta a couple days later, with the help of a dagger and a tug boat, and then towed to Villamoura for repairs.  An unsuccessful attempt was made to tow the yacht away on the same evening by the other yacht, luckily not succeeding considering the minimum of damage to the propellers and rudders does create a hull breach and would have probably sunk the yacht.
The Sunseeker in this grounding is the Predator 62 model, produced from 2005 to 2008, it offers interior with three double cabins and is powered from twin engines from 1100 up to 1300hp in line shaft propulsion for top speeds in the mid thirties with the big engine option. Sold in about fifty units the Predator 62 was a replacement to the 68 and was replaced by the 64 which used the same hull and a different super structure.
The assisting sixteen meter sport yacht is a Pershing 52 produced from 2000 to 2004 to a design of Fulvio de Simoni. The Pershing 52 has an interior with three double cabins, and a choice of pwc garage or crew cabin aft, and is powered by twin Man 800 or 1000hp engines with surfaced drives for speeds up to 45 knots from the more powerful option.  The Pershing 52 came out as a replacement to the 54, and was replaced by the 50 in the fall of 2003.

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