August 22, 2023

Project: Fratelli Aprea Lancia 52

Fratelli Aprea present the project for the Lancia 52, a walk around Gozzo inspired yacht of sixteen meters in length, with design coming from Brunello Acampora's Victory design. The Lancia 52 follows what other traditional gozzo builders have pioneered in recent years, most notably Apreamare and Mimi, for a walk around centre console traditional yacht suited for day cruisers with bow to stern exterior spaces.  Brunello Acampora design was a pioneer in this style when he designed the 11m Gozzo for Apreamare in 2017, although the next versions of the models by Marco Casali proved more a point where the design should go. Previous to this model Fratelli Aprea was the most traditional of the production gozzo builders, with current builds of seven to fifteen meters having an abundant flair which can compete with that of Eastern Carolina sportfish custom builders.  From the renderings visible so far the flair on the Lancia 52 seems less dramatic.  The Lancia Aprea 52 will feature three propulsion choices from traditional line shafts, Volvo IPS pod drives, and quadruple Mercury 600hp outboards with this last option showing the Italian Sorrento builder also looking at the expansive North American market.


  1. Handcrafted with love by the master builders from Sorrento…a dream!

    1. I have viewed the Lancia 52 in Genova, and for me it was one of the most beautiful boats of the show. Incredible stuff.