August 9, 2023

Boat Saved from Near Fire in Procida

A thirteen meter flybridge cruiser with two persons onboard had a chance of fire in Procida Island, near the islet of Vivara on the afternoon of ninth August.  This was actually not a fire but one of the engines of the flybridge cruiser which went in auto-combustion mode, meaning the engine starts to burn its oil as fuel and does not stop and cannot be stopped from running.  Immediate the response of the Italian Guardia Costiera, which saved the two boaters from the boat. Although fair to say, more a case of an unstoppable engine rather then a real boat fire.  
The flybridge cruiser in this near fire is a Fairline 41 produced from 1990 up to 94 named as 43 in the last two years of production.  Designed as all Fairline's of that time by Bernard Olesinski, the 41/43 offered a two double cabins layout, and was powered by twin Volvo 430 or Cats 375 or 425hp engines on shaft drives.  The 41/43 was replaced by the Squadron 43 in 1994.

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