August 20, 2023

Classic Boat Fire in Ostia, Rome

A nine meter classic sport cruiser with one person onboard went ablaze in between Fiumicino and Ostia, on 18:30 hours of Saturday nineteen August.  The one person onboard after jumping off the boat in the sea was saved by the Fiumiara river police, and at a later stage a fire fighting squad came to the scene with two boats assisted by the Guardia Costiera, turning off the fire before 20:00 hours, but after this the boat sank.  No pollution was made with the fuel tank being recovered, and the boat refloated a day later.  
The classic boat in this fire is a Zarcos 9/m Sport designed by Renato Sonny Levi for hull and exterior by Franco Harrauer and produced in the early to mid seventies.  The 9/m Sport was an evolution of the 8/m and C.V. 500 models.  
Zarcos acronym for Scorza, the surname of the boat builder owner debuted in around 1967 trusting its production to Levi's design, and the pioneering lamellar construction, glued wood at an acute angle to form a solid strong laminate.  Zarcos became popular in the seventies and in that decade also expanded from the first seven meters of the sixties up to a 21 meter flagship which debuted in 1976.  Zarcos is believed to having closed in the early eighties, with the 13/m and 15/m VIP models becoming popular beyond there production run.

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