August 21, 2021

Project: Tankoa T45 Sportiva

Tankoa T45 Sportiva is a 45 metres super sport yacht.  The aft of T45 Sportiva is all about the relationship with water, the joy of interaction with the sea, the wonder of the open horizon. The bow lounge is embedded in the deck, beneath the eyeline of the wheelhouse. The external line is clean and sinuous. Sleek lines are emphasised all the more on the T45 yacht’s two-deck alternative. The completely open beach platform is the primary connection with the environment. Here, slipping into the sea is effortless. Or the infinity pool is a beautiful place to soak and enjoy spectacular, unforgettable views. When the extendable sides of the beach club fold open, the yacht boasts 100 sq m of open beach club.  On the hybrid-propulsion version, guest rooms connect directly to the spa, which connects directly to the beach terrace.  On the main deck, the dining area, a circular space at the centre of the yacht, can be an interior space or open air. In fact, half the entire deck can be opened to the external environment. T45 Sportiva will weight about 250 tons, and no power or speed choices have been announced.

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