August 14, 2021

Horizon Super Yacht Collides in Ponza

A Horizon super yacht of 27 meters called m/y Main Time with six persons onboard collided with the Ponza water carrying tanker ship m/v Cesare on the morning of fourteen August at around 0230 in the morning, four nautical miles away from the Ponza harbour.  The Horizon super yacht collided with the 69 meter water carrying tanker on its starboard side, suffering extensive damage from hull to top side, and causing it to partly sink.  The six persons onboard where saved by the tanker ship, and then questioned by the Ponza coast guard on the cause of the accident.  The Horizon super yacht was towed in shallower water to avoid total sinking, and on the nineteen and twenty August was re-floated and towed to Gaeta, where it was lifted up in a boat yard.  Main Time was traveling Gaeta to Ponza at the time of the accident, while Cesare was doing the opposite route. 
The super yacht in this accident is a Horizon Elegance 88 measuring 27 meter in length and build in 2003.  Designed by the Taiwan builder design office with collaboration from Tommaso Spadolini the Horizon Elegance 88 is a two and half deck raised pilot house super yacht, and offered accommodation of four double guest cabins sleeping eight.  The Horizon Elegance 88 featured a semi displacement hull and powered by twin 1500hp MTU reached top speeds up to about twenty knots and a cruise of fifteen.  The Horizon Elegance 88 was produced from 2002 up to 2005, with the model first evolving into the 94 Dynasty, then the 97 RP, and in 2019 into the RP100 model.  The Elegance 88, 94 Dynasty, RP97, and 100 series has today produced over thirty units.

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