August 28, 2021

Pardo Sport Cruiser Aground in Ibiza

A Pardo centre console sport cruiser of thirteen meters in length, ended aground in Ibiza on the night-morning of the 27-28th August.  The cause of the accident are unknown, but in the photo it looks to be a captain helmsman error during navigation. The Pardo thirteen meter was salvaged a day after in a yard in Ibiza with important damage to its IPS drives, possibly totalled, and not breaking but visible fiberglass damage to its deep-Vee keel.  
The clean lined Pardo 43 designed by Zuccheri and launched in 2017 has been a huge success story from the start, with one hundred units being sold in less to a year since the launch of hull one.  The success was so huge that Pardo, who is famous and long standing with the Grand Soleil performance cruiser sailing yachts eventually launched a whole power line, today featuring five models.  The Pardo 43 offers a lower deck sleeping four, and a walk around deck usable from fore to aft with a centre console, and is powered by Volvo engines from 370 to 480hp with IPS pod propulsion.  
Not known to many is that this is Cantieri del Pardo Grand Soleil second try in producing motor boats, with the Italian company entering this part of the market with the Hudson and Ricci brand from 1989 to 1996 and help from Jim Wynn and Walt Walters of Magnum Marine fame, who designed the 40 sold in 45 units, and the 1994 to 96 produced 54 sold in five. 

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