August 10, 2021

Zirri Reef Partially Sinks Sunseeker

The Zirri reef in the South East of Palmarola hits again on the evening of tenth August partially sinking a twenty meter Sunseeker Predator sport yacht.  The details of the accident are unknown, with this picture being copy pasted from a viral video shown on social media. The Zirri reefs are famous for always taking someone out every Summer, possibly due for being visually unmarked, and located about a quarter of a nautical mile away from the mainland of Palmarola.  From this picture looks like the running gear, which is in most cases the deepest part of most motor boats was hit, and created a hole.  Information says that the Predator 68 was salvaged and is in a yard in Ponza.
The Sunseeker in this accident is a Predator 68 produced from 2001 to 2005 and designed as all the Poole based builder boats till about 2010 by Don Shead.  The Predator 68 has very similar high performance exterior looks to the Predator 75 which launched in 1999. For the performance reason the models where rather iconic and still popular today.  The Predator 68 offered a three double cabin interior, with a forward master room, and a saloon and galley in between the cabins.  The Predator 68 was powered by twin Man 1300hp engines with later models having the 1360hp engines, which gave top speeds up to 34 knots. 

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