August 11, 2021

Ferretti Yacht Partially Sinks in South Corsica

A Ferretti motor yacht of nineteen meters in length partially sank on the late afternoon of August 11 on the East of Piana island. The Ferretti motor yacht was cruising in the South of Corsica between Lavezzi and Cavallo near about to isola Piana when apparently it started taking on water.  The dynamics of the water intrusion are unclear, but seeing this the captain of the yacht called a May-Day and beached the yacht to minimize the damage.  The Ferretti yacht was a day later reported to have been re-floated and taken to a yacht yard for repairs.
The Ferretti in this accident is a 620 model, designed by Zuccon and launched in 2000 and produced till 2005.  The 620 was the last development of the 54/175/60 series, the Ferretti which in 1990 started the Giovanni Zuccon collaboration with the Forli Shipyard lasting till 2017.  In 1997 the 175 was developed and extended in the 62, and in 2000 with a complete redesign of the super structure and interior layout it became the 620.  The Ferretti 620 offered a three double cabins interior including an owners stateroom to starboard at midships.  With the 175, 62, and 620 series Ferretti and Zuccon created an iconic sports flybridge motor yachts in its time, thanks to the unique low profile super structure and masculine hull look.  The Ferretti 620 was powered by twin Man 1050hp standard, or optional 1224hp, with the large units giving speeds up to 36 knots.

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