August 14, 2021

Cranchi Sport Yacht Hits Reef Near Villasimus

A Cranchi sport yacht of fifteen meters in length hit a reef before the entrance to the Villasimus marina, located to the South of Cagliari in the island of Sardinia on the afternoon of fourteen August.  The Cranchi yacht hit the reef and in order to avoid the yacht from total sinking, the captain owner pushed it up the rocks.  With weather getting worse and the yacht sitting on the reef it eventually sustained more damage.  The crew of five was saved from the yacht.  The Cranchi yacht was salvaged and taken to Villasimus marina couple days later, though unfortunately it is deemed a total loss.  
The sport yacht in this accident is a 50 Mediterranee, a popular model from Cranchi launched in year 2000 and produced till 2009.  Designed by Andreani the Cranchi 50 Mediterranee featured a three double cabins layout, and a large garage aft with enough space for a jet tender.  The Cranchi 50 Mediterranee was initially powered by twin Volvo 480hp and then upgraded over the years to take the large 715hp and then 775hp Volvo twelve litre block engines.  The Cranchi 50 Mediterranee was also also available in the HT hard-top version onward from 2005, and was Cranchi flagship up till 2009 and the release of the Cranchi SixtyFour. Over 150 plus units have been sold of the Cranchi 50 Mediterranee model.

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