August 19, 2021

Project: Holterman X-treme 54

Holterman Shipyard in the Netherlands had unveiled the newest design of the X-treme 54. A smaller sibling of the X-treme 105, the 54 is also to be the entry level of this new modern looking explorer and super yacht range from Holterman designed by Dutch Bernd Weel.  After the big success from the X-treme 105 with unit one sold and currently under construction and nearly completed, Holterman pump up the X-treme range of models with an X-54 under construction.  The X-treme 54 is a smaller sibling of the 105, as is evident from the similar modern interior and sturdy exterior looks.  The X-treme yachts are defined by  their extreme capabilities, with the 54 being a result of craftsmanship, quality and exclusivity, making for a special explorer yacht. The X-treme 54 is to be equipped with two Volvo 175hp with estimated top speeds of ten knots, and a cruise of eight, this last delivering a range up to 2400 nautical miles.  The first X-treme 54 is on schedule to be delivered in the coming fall of 2021.

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