January 1, 2016

blogger - This New Year

A new year comes always relevant for a fresh new start, with a will to do better then in the previous one.  2016 and the years ahead will be an interesting one for the motor boating industry which will see a growing competition to the cruise planning boat. Interesting is that the trend for mid double digits of around fifteen knots is the new cruise speed to be. 
For the rest the start of the year is always a quiet year for boating fans, we have till mid end January and the boat show season for enthusiasm to kick start the will to return back on the water. 
2015 ended with the bad news about Fairline going down, but other big names in Europe and USA have made the past year a stable one with a nice growth following in.  Seeing the future of Fairline is hard.  Still at this point even if a major player in the industry is down, the buyer has a competitive alive choice with the likes of Absolute, offers from the Beneteau Group, and Galeon competing with the lines of Azimut, Princess and Sunseeker on the big international center stage today. The Fairline brand is full of potential, and the following is great, but being competitive and always attentive to the latest trends is a must and not an option any more nowadays.  That is you cannot react two years or more down the line to put an astern galley if this what the major clients are looking for.
PowerYacht Blog and PowerYacht Brokerage wishes to all its readers and fans all the best for 2016. The start looks already great thanks to a sensible ending from the Italian government, removing the much criticized ownership tax in December 2015.  Have a good year ahead!


  1. Hi, what do you mean here "Interesting is that the trend for mid double digits of around fifteen knots is the new cruise speed to be, and that in Italy the government has finally seen sense and decided to totally remove it."? Thanks, Fred

    1. hey I see your point and it was bad wording. Now I edited and should be understood better. Anyways the Italian part means that the Italian government finally removed the 14 meter plus yacht (possession tax) completely. Happy new 2016 to you and your family Fred, Poweryacht.