January 1, 2016

Best of 2015

A new year always means a fresh start, with a will to do better then the previous one.  2016 and the years ahead will be an interesting one for the boating industry with the planning boat seeing growing competition in the sub twenty meter sizes from the semi-displacement-planning hull shape. Is fifteen knots really the new cruise speed to be? In a World going always faster I am not so sure.  But for the people who have a lot of time in there hands, it is an interesting option.

PowerYacht's best of 2015 is the Riva 88 Florida. The dominion of hard-top sport yachts upwards of fifteen meters in the last ten to fifteen years, has shown its shortcomings.  The main one is that boating is first and foremost life in the open air, and the three part hard-top reduces this a lot.  Ferretti Group and Riva resolve this with the 88 Florida, thanks to a clever patented hard-top called the Convertible Top which becomes fully open and hides in the foredeck.  Italian invention does it again.  

The others.

Cruisers 60 Cantius. Euro looks have invaded North America, and this shows with Cruisers new largest ever eighteen meter flagship designed by Facheris, who brings a modern design language for this 1956 founded company.   

Galeon 500 Fly. Flip open side bulkheads are not new, with an Italian builder presenting the technology back in 2008.  Polish Galeon introduces it first time on a flybridge yacht, and the affect is a fresh take how to expand social areas from inside to outside. 

Raffaelli 42 Typhoon Sportage. Raffaelli has been quiet in recent years, now returning with this innovative new thirteen meter which tries to give the best of flybridge and hard-top boats.  In the seventies we had some similar designs which turned out to be successful.  Will it do the same today?

Sabre 66 Dirigo. At 22 meters Sabre's new flagship is the largest fully American built and designed down east inspired lobster yacht.  Considering the genre is American it was time to do it.
Sanlorenzo SL86. Replacing your top selling model after twenty years of production and success is not easy.  Sanlorenzo does this courtesy of Mauro Micheli, who is on duty for a smaller similar 76.  Has the Sanlorenzo overhaul started?

Sunseeker 57 Predator. Sunseeker catch with the Italian competition and present a fully enclosed hard top sport yacht with a patio door that fully opens and disappears in the floor.  This is Sunseeker hitting a sweet spot of comfort inside and outside with sporty lines in seventeen meters.  

Tiara Q44. One of Americas favourite names does it again, turning the walkaround concept into a hard top sport cruiser full of versatility.  This is an all season cabin, day, and fishing cruising boat in one which Tiara calls the Adventure Yacht. 

Wider 150. The third model from Tilli Antonelli Wider goes 34 meters bigger.  But forget the size, as this new flagship is all about using diesel electric propulsion to new affect, including which is a forward located engine room. *

Sweet sixteen. Ferretti 550. Ferretti returns with a new entry level sixteen meter of length flybridge motor yacht model.  For a year or two the famous Italian name abandoned sub eighteen meter sizes, in a strange act of product placement, especially when you think that among its all time best sellers two have been in this sixteen meter size. 

PowerYacht wishes to all its followers, friends, readers, and visitors a Healthy and Prosperous 2016 year. 


  1. Hi, what do you mean here "Interesting is that the trend for mid double digits of around fifteen knots is the new cruise speed to be, and that in Italy the government has finally seen sense and decided to totally remove it."? Thanks, Fred

    1. hey I see your point and it was bad wording. Now I edited and should be understood better. Anyways the Italian part means that the Italian government finally removed the 14 meter plus yacht (possession tax) completely. Happy new 2016 to you and your family Fred, Poweryacht.