September 28, 2015

Project: Arcadia 16.80 m Sherpa

Some projects go beyond what the normal market trends expect, and while Arcadia from Italy has always been such a builder since its inception this new Sherpa project goes over the imagination what a 55 footer explorer yacht looks like.  According to Arcadia the Sherpa will stand for three important elements; spaces which compare to a yacht ten feet larger also thanks to a beam which is one meter more to a similar sized motor yacht, flexibility of interior layout with two or three cabin versions, and economic consumption of about 3.6 liter per mile at 12 knots thanks to the further tweak of the NPL hull.  The Sherpa project is surely among the most interesting yacht of displacement type I have seen in this size.  What will be the next question from Sherpa if it will be a niche seller, something which the Arcadia product has always been, or if the builder is aiming to become more popular.  The single reality in Sherpa at the moment though is this, when you think you have seen it all here comes Arcadia with a project going beyond, and for this all they deserve a big well done.  Launching of hull one is planned for the start of 2016. 

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