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April 20, 2024

New Model: Sanlorenzo 44X-Space

Sanlorenzo has in mid Summer 2023 launched its first unit of the 44X-Space super yacht, the debutant of its new X-Space range, a series which looks to create a bridge between the Exp and Steel lines, a mix between exploring capability and important voluminous spaces. Designed by Bernardo Zuccon, Sanlorenzo main designer since 2018 the 44X-Space has a length of just under 44 meters, and offers four plus flybridge decks and a volume of 495 gross tonnage.  The interiors of the first 44X-Space are designed by Piero Lissoni, who presented five guest suites, with an upper third deck fully dedicated for the owner, and four additional guest suites on the lower deck. Crew accommodation is for eight in five cabins plus a lobby with L-shaped dinette, galley.  Four of the crew cabins sleeping seven are located on the forward part of the lower deck, while the captains cabin with adjacent small office and en-suite bathroom is located on the bridge deck behind the wheelhouse. The Sanlorenzo 44X-Space has a full displacement hull with bulbous bow which powered by twin Man 1450hp engines gives speeds up to fifteen knots, and a four thousand nautical miles range at ten knots cruise.  Sanlorenzo 44X-Space has so far sold in seven units, all ordered previous to the launch of hull one, with the Italian builder so far promoting the super yacht only with a YouTube video.   
Technical Data:
LOA - 43.70 m (143.4ft)
Beam - 8.80 m
Draft - 2.80 m full load
Displacement - 495 gt*volume
Fuel Capacity - 50,000 l
Water Capacity - 4000 l
Accommodation - ten/twelve guests in five cabins, eight/nine crew in five cabins
Engines - 2 x Man 12v 1450hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - fifteen knots max, twelve knots cruise, ten knots long range
Range - 4000 nautical miles at ten knots
Hull Shape - displacement
Construction - steel hull, alumimium super structure
Project - Bernardo Zuccon exterior, Piero Lissoni interior

March 23, 2024

Project: Sanlorenzo SD132

Sanlorenzo present the project for a new SD132, as designed by Zuccon and set to launch in 2026.  The Sanlorenzo SD132 is the largest ever SD range model, the semi-displacement hull shape and traditional ship looking series which debuted in 2007 with the SD92, and signaled a new era for the famous Italian semi-custom super yacht specialist.  The SD132 comes as a replacement to the SD126 after an eight year production run and about twenty hulls delivered.  The SD132 also completes the circle of the SD line with all the models now designed by Zuccon, and the second of the series after the SD118 to offer a beach club with flip-over bulk-heads which doubles in size when at anchor.  For this reason the tender garage is to be located on the port side, with a ship-side entrance.  Interior accommodation is for five guest suites, including of which is a large owners stateroom at the forward part of the main deck, while crew accommodation is for eight located on the forward part of the lower deck, this area also including a lobby with galley and dinette.  The Sanlorenzo SD132 is to be powered by twin Man 1400hp or Cats 1622hp engines for top speeds up to seventeen knots.

January 27, 2024

Project: Sanlorenzo 50Steel

Sanlorenzo present the 50Steel project, a new entry level in its Steel super yacht range which today offers five models and expands up to a 73 meter project currently inbuild and scheduled to launch in 2025.  The 50Steel comes from a design of Zuccon, the designer of all Sanlorenzo yachts since 2018, what will be an innovative super yacht, especially to what regards sustainable technology, but also a new way of seeing space.  For a first the Sanlorenzo 50Steel is to be equipped with a fuel cell technology which generates onboard yacht electricity with both generators and engines switched off. Another new never seen feature in the 50Steel is a new patented design called HER acronym for Hidden Engine Room, which gives extra space to the owner and his guests.  With HER the 50Steel gains unseen space in the lower deck which goes for the Ocean Lounge which offers over 120 square meters just above the water aft.  This Ocean Lounge will feature three unfolding terraces on three sides; aft, port and starboard, and will lead to a gym-spa area which with a split level design that takes guests to the cabin area forward or the living and lounging of the main deck.  The Sanlorenzo 50Steel has a volume of 499 gross tonnage what will feature five guest suites for ten guests, with crew accommodation for nine in five cabins, and three entertainment areas on each floor.  Power for the 50Steel will come from twin Man 1450hp engines for a top speed of sixteen knots.  The first 50Steel is scheduled for a mid 2024 launch and is reportedly being build for Sanlorenzo boss Massimo Perotti.  

October 13, 2023

New Model: Sanlorenzo SX100

Sanlorenzo has during the Cannes Yachting Festival debuted its new SX100, the fourth and second in size model of its successful SX range which debuted in 2017 with the SX88.  Since then the Sanlorenzo SX model has been on a spiralling unstoppable success, and is surely one of the best selling in the four semi-production lines from the Italian yacht builder.  Designed by Zuccon who is responsible for all Sanlorenzo yacht models since some years, the SX100 is a smaller sized near copy of the SX112 flagship which debuted in the fall of 2020, and since then has sold thirteen units.  Like the four meters bigger sister the SX100 features opening side bulkheads terraces aft increasing the deck space and extending the beach area, while also integrating this with the low level lounge. Inside the Sanlorenzo SX100 offers a four double cabins arrangement, with an owners stateroom located on the forward part of the main deck.  There is also an option where the low level saloon can be specified as a master stateroom with direct connection to the beach club area.  Probably with this option one can also specify five cabins in the SX100 if one had to also opt the fore deck suite.  The Sanlorenzo SX100 is powered by quadruple Volvo 800hp with IPS pod drives for top speeds up to 23 knots, a cruise of twenty, and a ten knots long range which give a 1600 nautical miles range.
Technical Data:
LOA - 30.53 m (100ft)
Beam - 7.60 m
Draft - 2.03 m
Displacement - 134 t, 211 gt*volume
Fuel Capacity - 15800 l
Water Capacity - 2050 l
Accommodation - eight guests in four cabins, five crew in three cabins
Engines - 4 x Volvo D13 1000hp
Propulsion - quadruple Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS pod drives
Speed - 23 knots max, twenty knots cruise, ten knots long range
Range - 1600 nm at ten knots
Project - Zuccon exterior, Lissoni interior

September 15, 2023

Project: Sanlorenzo SP92

It was a matter of time for Sanlorenzo to follow its ground breaking SP110 with a new sister, and here comes the five meters smaller SP92 project set to debut in 2024.  The Sanlorenzo SP92 follows the SP110 and the clever innovative vertical use of space in a super sport yacht which offers an un-edited way of using the two decks.  Another innovation in the SP series is also the use of free spaces in the exterior, not the first here, as Wally was a pioneer in this for its sailing yachts and later in its Power series.  Less is more is the evolving design theme in this second decade of the second millennium!  Sanlorenzo is giving no information for the SP92, but she will probably be available in a three or four double guest cabins layout plus two crew cabins as most sport yachts in this size usually are.  We do have some news on the engines though as the Sanlorenzo SP92 is to be powered by twin Man 2000hp with jet drive propulsion for speeds up to forty knots and a cruise of 35, and a range up to 900 nautical miles in a slow mode cruise.  

July 28, 2023

Project: Sanlorenzo SX100

Sanlorenzo is set to continue to expand its successful SX range with the project for a new SX100 scheduled to debut in the fall of 2023.  Designed by Zuccon the SX100 is set to fill the gap between the SX88 which debuted the range in 2017 and has now sold over fifty units and the SX112 which launched in 2020 and is in its thirteenth hull.  The SX100 was briefed to dealers during the Cannes 2022 boat show, and since then even though no official presentation was made for the model, it is heard that more then five units have been sold, with deliveries already entering into 2025. The Sanlorenzo SX100 will feature a four ensuite cabins layout with two or three crew cabins, and just like the bigger SX112 will feature a lower deck saloon which opens up and joins itself with the stern beach and bathing area.  The Sanlorenzo SX100 is to be powered by four Volvo 800hp engines with IPS pod drives propulsion for an estimated top speed up to 21 knots.

June 10, 2023

New Model: Sanlorenzo SD118

Sanlorenzo SD118 model comes as a replacement to the SD112, after six years in production and nineteen units delivered.  The new SD118 was presented as a project in the fall of 2020, with the first unit launching in 2021, and comes from a design of Bernardo Zuccon, who debuted a more vertical clean profile to the previous Francesco Paszkowski design of the previous one meter smaller model.  The Sanlorenzo SD118 offers an interior with five double guest cabins, including of which is a forward main deck full beam owners stateroom, which will include a private lounge, and a walk-in wardrobe nearly big as one of the four VIP staterooms below.  Crew accommodation is in three cabins for five or six, at the forward part of the lower deck, with this area including a lobby and galley upon arrival.  The Sanlorenzo SD118 is powered by twin Man 1400hp or Cat 1622hp engines.  Sanlorenzo has far sold twelve units of the second in size SD model with deliveries now entering 2026. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 35.75 m (117.2ft)
Beam - 7.90 m
Draft - 1.96 m *full load
Displacement - 195 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 32000 l
Water Capacity - 4000 l
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, five/six crew in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Man V12 1400hp, Cat Acert C32 1622hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - nineteen knots max fifteen cruise with Cats 1622hp, 18 knots max with Man 1400hp
Range - 1655 nm at cruise with Cats 1622hp
Hull Shape - semi displacement
Project - Bernardo Zuccon

February 4, 2023

New Model: Sanlorenzo 57Steel

Sanlorenzo has launched its second in size super yacht in the fall of 2022 with the launch of hull number one of the 57Steel.  A four deck super yacht designed by Bernardo Zuccon, who is nowadays responsible for most Sanlorenzo models, with the interiors of hull one taken care by studio Vickers. Sanlorenzo 57Steel sits between its 52 and 64Steel models, with an important volume of 1050 gross tonnage, double to that of the five meter smaller 52Steel, which is impressive considering it is only five meters bigger.  57Steel features also improvements to the 62/64 series with a larger owners stateroom located on the forward part of the upper deck, with this difference also putting a very large VIP suite on the forward part of the main deck.  The aft deck follows the trend set by the other large fifty meter plus Sanlorenzo Steel models, with a central pool on the main deck and a bathing platform which when open becomes a beach club and extends in size thanks to port and starboard drop down bulkheads. Sanlorenzo has four other 57Steel in construction set to launch in the coming three years.   
Technical Data:
LOA - 56.50 m (185.4ft)
Beam - 10.95 m
Draft - 3 m at full load
Displacement - 1050 gt *volume
Fuel Capacity - 80,000 l
Water Capacity - 
Accommodation - twelve guests in six cabins, or fourteen guests in 7 cabins, twelve crew in six cabins
Engines - 2 x Cats 3512C 2400hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - sixteen knots max, twelve knots cruise, eleven knots long range
Range - 4000 nm at eleven knots
Hull Shape - displacement with bulb
Construction - steel hull aluminium super structure
Project - Bernardo Zuccon exterior, Vicker interior for hull one
Certification - Lloyds

December 24, 2022

New Model: Sanlorenzo SD90

Launched in Summer to a design of Zuccon the Sanlorenzo SD90 is the new entry level of the Italian builders SD semi displacement traditional ship looking fiberglass super yacht range.  The SD90 is also the smallest Sanlorenzo SD ever made replacing the Francesco Paszkowski designed SD92 which debuted the range in 2007 and sold 24 units in a production lasting twelve years.  This new SD90 is not the replacement of the 92, that model was replaced by the slightly larger SD96 which debuted in 2020.  Similar in size there is certain distinct features between the two small Sanlorenzo SD divided by two meters in length.  For example the bigger SD96 is a semi wide body, this new SD90 is about twenty% wide body serving only the master cabin located on the forward part of the main deck, and with this being unnoticeable from the outside.  This is made thanks to the raised flush deck located forward, which apart giving a traditional twist is also a novelty for this type of super yacht.  The new SD90 seems also to be a four cabin layout only yacht with the plans available thus far, although I am sure if someone would ask nicely Sanlorenzo might find a way to make five, with four cabins in the lower deck version of the yacht, since the standard layout has three rather big suites in the lower deck.  The Sanlorenzo SD90 is powered by twin Man 800hp as standard with optional 1200hp engines available.  Sanlorenzo has up till today six SD90 in build.
Technical Data:
LOA - 27.43 m (89.9ft)
Waterline Length - 24.1 m
Beam - 7 m
Draft - 1.91 m loaded with propellers
Displacement - 112 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 13,000 l
Water Capacity - 2000 l
Accommodation - eight guests in four cabins, four crew in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Man i6 800hp, V8 1200hp, Cat C18 1150hp
Propulsion - V-drive with line shaft
Speed - fourteen knots max with 800hp, seventeen knots max 15 cruise 12 economical with 1200hp
Range - 1200 nm at twelve knots
Hull Shape - semi displacement
Project - Zuccon

October 7, 2022

New Model: Sanlorenzo SP110

Sanlorenzo presents its much waited new SP110, which launched in early Summer with World wide premier at the Cannes 2022 boat show past September. A project of over five years in the making, which was presented officially in renderings for the first time in May 2022 during the Venice boat show.  For its first super sport yacht above 24 meters Sanlorenzo left nothing to chance; with design by Zuccon, technical input by Tilli Antonelli, hull engineering by jet propulsion expert Marco Arnaboldi, and interiors for hull#One by Pierluigi Lissoni.  The new Sanlorenzo SP for Smart Performance 110 wants to rewrite the sport yacht segment, with the innovative vertical loft unbounding the main and lower deck split, and merging it with the aft deck lounge and beach area.  There is something fresh and different about the Sanlorenzo SP110, looking classic yet very modern and at the same time fluid and warm.  For this and the Vertical loft the Sanlorenzo SP110 is the super sport yacht above 24 meters of the year, and probably of the past ten years or so.  Sanlorenzo SP110 super sport yacht rewritten, chapeau! 
Technical Data:
LOA - 33.04 m (108.2ft)
Waterline Length - 21.15 m
Beam - 8.2 m
Draft - 1.30 m
Displacement - 102 t, 229 GT volume 
Fuel Capacity - 12,000 l
Water Capacity - 1500 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or eight berths in four cabins, five crew in three cabins
Engines - three x Man V12 2000hp, V12 2200hp 
Propulsion - water jets 
Speed - forty knots max, 33 knots cruise, thirty knots economic fast with triple Man 2000hp
Project - Zuccon exterior, Pierluigi Lissoni interior, Tilli Antonelli concept, Marco Arnaboldi hull

September 17, 2022

Project: Sanlorenzo SD90

Sanlorenzo present the project of the SD90, a new entry level model in its traditional ship looking semi displacement range which was announced during the Venice boat show in May 2022. Sanlorenzo SD range launched in 2007 with the SD92, and since then it has never looked back, a success from the start with the first model selling 24 units.  Designed by Zuccon, with Phillipe Briand doing hull engineering, the SD90 will offer an accommodation layout sleeping eight in four cabins, with an owners stateroom located on the main deck.  The Sanlorenzo SD90 will offer a full beam wide body forward area for an owners stateroom on the main deck, which integrates well into the design of the yacht.  There is a certain equilibrium with the SD90 all looking very traditional and yet when one puts all together it all comes down to a modern yacht.  There is also a huge research in recyclable materials used in hull number one, which along with a hybrid electric propulsion by Siemens, this optional version marked /s makes it as one of the most ecological yachts in its size.  The Sanlorenzo SD90 is standard powered by twin Man 800hp or optional Cats 1150hp engines with speeds expected to reach seventeen knots.  The SD90/s Siemens hybrid version will cruise at six knots in electric only mode, and ten knots in hybrid.

August 27, 2022

New Model: Sanlorenzo SL120 Asymmetric

Sanlorenzo continues the Asymmetric philosophy a concept as introduced by Chris Bangle in 2018 with the SL102, and now this finds its way to the new flagship of the SL line the 120 model.  An evolution and replacement to the SL118 delivered in eleven units, the SL120 Asymmetric uses the same hull as the previous SL flagship produced till 2020, with a total overhaul of space usage on the main deck.  Like the small 90 to 106 feet sister the new SL flagship features a semi-wide body to port side adding space in this area by about 30%, with the SL120 different to the smaller yachts by a full wide body on the forward part of the main deck, this giving more space to the owners stateroom located here.  Four VIP suites are located on the lower deck, while the forward part here features the crew lobby with a galley and four cabins.  The aft area is fully dedicated to a huge garage with water toys and the openable beach club with bulkheads which flip to the sides to double the bathing area.  For those looking into detail, there is also a redesign of the fore-peak of the main deck, which now features a C-shaped dinette and another large V-shaped sun-pad.  The Sanlorenzo SL120 Asymmetric hull one launched in the second half of 2021 is powered by the twin large MTU 2637hp engines good for 27 knots max, and a long range speed of ten knots allows to cover about 1900 nautical miles.  The Sanlorenzo 120 Asymmetric has already proved a success with fourteen hulls reported on order and delivery dates entering 2025.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 36.92 m (118.1ft)
Beam - 7.60 m
Draft - 2.05 m full load
Fuel Capacity - 19900 l
Water Capacity - 4200 l
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, six or eight crew in four cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 16V2000M96L 2637hp, Cat C32B 2400hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 27 knots max with MTU 2637hp, 25 knots with Cats 2400hp
Range - 486 nautical miles at max speed, 1900 nautical miles at ten knots 
Project - Bernardo Zuccon exterior, Martina Zuccon interior (hull #1), Chris Bangle concept

June 4, 2022

Project: Sanlorenzo SP110

The news of Sanlorenzo building a sport yacht started to be made in 2019, two years after industry pioneer Tili Antonelli founder of not one but two industry changing brands; Pershing and Wider joined the famous Italian yacht builder.  It was news with some scattered visuals thrown in some videos during public relations meeting in boat shows, and finally just before launching Sanlorenzo is giving us information of this project which is four years in the making.  Coming from the hands of Zuccon Project, the SP110 will be Sanlorenzo sport boat in a long time.  Back in the years Sanlorenzo did make one attempt in a sport sort of yacht with the Della Rolle designed 55 produced from 1986 up to 1991 in six units, an innovative sport yacht with a raised saloon deck and interior helm station, surely inspired by Pisa Akhir 18 launched in 1982. The Sanlorenzo SP110 is a modern version of a sport yacht, and takes some ideas and looks from Sanlorenzo SX sport explorer series, and is to be available in three or four double cabins, with three crew cabins sleeping five.  A feature is the large open aft deck just above sea level, which can transform from a dinette to a sun-pad, and extend further aft with the transform platform.  After this is a with a couple steps down is a saloon lounge beach club area, like Sanlorenzo offers on the SX112, and the sister BlueGame brand.  The Sanlorenzo SP110 has a standard main deck with a separate galley, and a day head, the galley located forward splits the living main deck which offers for the most part about 80% the saloon and dining area, and to forward a helm station which has direct contact to the the three crew cabins located forward.  The Sanlorenzo SP110 is to be powered by triple 2000hp Man with jet propulsion, and is forecasted to reach top speeds up to forty knots.

April 24, 2022

Project: Sanlorenzo 57Steel


Sanlorenzo present the project for the 57Steel.  Design by Zuccon the 57 Steel will feature five decks, and a nearly straight bow which make for a volume of about one thousand gross tonnage, and seven guest cabins.  The volume will be so spacious that Sanlorenzo is saying that the 57Steel will feature nearly twice the volume of the smaller 52Steel model.  Other unique features of the 57Steel will be that of a bridge dedicated forth deck.  Hybrid propulsion will power the Sanlorenzo 57Steel with top speeds up to sixteen knots.  Four Sanlorenzo 57Steel are under construction with the first unit set to launch in the second half of 2022.   

March 6, 2022

Project: Sanlorenzo SL106 Asymmetric

Sanlorenzo present the project for the SL106 Asymmetric, coming from a design of Zuccon and concept by Chris Bangle.  The 106 A replaces the first 102 Asymmetric model which launched the semi-wide body line in 2018 and today represents all the traditional SL models from 90 to 120 feet.  In the 106 Asymmetric the semi wide-body to port side will give extra ten square meters inside.  The Sanlorenzo SL106 Asymmetric will offer an interior with five guest cabins, including an owners stateroom located forward on the main deck. Crew accommodation is to forward with a lobby and three cabins sleeping five or six beds.  The Sanlorenzo SL106 Asymmetric is to be powered by twin Cats 2400hp or MTU 2434hp giving top speeds up to 28 knots. 

February 18, 2022

New Model: Sanlorenzo SL90 Asymmetric

Sanlorenzo continue to expand the Asymmetric in its traditional SL line, and presents the new SL90A.  The SL90 Asymmetric is the smallest of the A models, of semi wide body designs which was introduced in 2018 with the SL102A, and today characterizes all SL models larger then 27 meters in size.  The SL90 A is full wide body to port side, while the the starboard has a traditional passageway.  Another interesting feature of the SL90 is the master stateroom located on the forward part of the main deck, with two steps down leading you to its en-suite, and another two steps to the walk-in wardrobe.  Down below the standard layout of the Sanlorenzo SL90 A is for three double cabins layout, with two crew cabins plus a lobby located forward.  The Sanlorenzo SL90 Asymetric is powered by twin Man 2000hp engines for a top speed up to 29 knots.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 27.6 m (90.5ft)
Beam - 6.50 m
Draft - 1.93 m
Displacement - 95 t
Fuel Capacity - 10350 l
Water Capacity - 1500 l
Accommodation - eight guests in four cabins, three crew in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Man 12v 2000hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 29 knots
Project - Zuccon interior and exterior

September 18, 2021

Project: Sanlorenzo SL90 Asymmetric

Sanlorenzo present the project for a new SL90 Asymmetric, designed by Zuccon, this is the smallest semi wide body produced by the famous super yacht builder so far.  It will be interesting to see if Sanlorenzo push for a smaller Asymmetric models in the future.  The SL90 Asymmetric stands out for its 27 meter length and five double guest cabins, including of which is an owners stateroom on the main deck. The Asymmetric layout of being full wide body to port side, increases space by 31 square meters in the interior living area of the main deck.  The Sanlorenzo SL90 Asymmetric will be powered by twin Man 2000hp for top speeds up to 29 knots and a cruise of 25.

August 22, 2021

New Model: Sanlorenzo SL96 Asymmetric

After launching its first Asymmetric SL102 model, Sanlorenzo continue to update its traditional SL line into the concept of asymmetry where a side of the yacht is different to the other.  In the case of the new SL96 Asymmetric, the port side is a wide body for the interior space, offering about an extra ten square meters of interior space.  Designed by Bernardo Zuccon with the asymmetry concept from Chris Bangle the SL96 Asymmetric offers a standard interior layout of four double cabins, with an owners stateroom on the main deck.  The SL96 Asymmetric is standard powered by twin Man 2000hp or optional MTU 2218hp with line shaft propulsion. The SL96 Asymmetric which was presented in the 2020 Dusseldorf boat show is proving very popular, with already twelve hulls delivered of the model.  The SL96 Asymmetric is based on the hull of the 2011 launched SL94 which became the SL96 in 2014, and now sees again this next transformation.
Technical Data:
LOA - 29.06 m (95.3ft)
Beam - 6.76 m
Draft - 1.9 m
Displacement - 110 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 10350 l
Water Capacity - 1500 l
Accommodation - eight guest berths in four cabins, four crew in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Man D2842 LE499 12V 2000hp, MTU 16V2000 m86 2218hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 26 knots with Man 2000hp, 28 knots with MTU 2218hp
Project - Bernardo Zuccon exterior lines, Chris Bangle concept

July 23, 2021

Project: Sanlorenzo SL120 Asymetric

Sanlorenzo present the project for the SL120 Asymmetric. Designed by Zuccon the SL120 Asymmetric will represent a new flagship in the traditional SL line replacing the 118 as the current largest model in the range. The SL120 comes from a design of Zuccon and like the other two Asymmetric models will feature a full beam use to port side this increasing space in the living main deck area. The starboard side will feature a traditional side deck.  Standard accommodation layout in the SL120 Asymmetric will be for five double guest cabins, including an owners stateroom on the full beam forward part of the main deck. Crew accommodation is for six crew in four cabins.  The Sanlorenzo SL120 Asymmetric will be powered by Cats 2400hp or MTU 2637hp engines, reaching top speeds up to 27 knots.

June 27, 2021

Project: Sanlorenzo 44m X-Space

Sanlorenzo present the new X-Space project with a 44 meter model.  Designed by Zuccon responsible for the exterior and Lissoni for the interior the 44m X-Space spreads around four decks, with the wheel house located on the upper deck, and a third deck fully dedicated for entertainment.  The new X-Space looks to be a bridge range between the Explorer and the SD range.  The X-Space will have a lot of glass especially in the third and fourth decks, which are to be fully surrounded in glass while in the lower deck Sanlorenzo kept its conservative window use approach.  The 44m X-Space will feature standard guest accommodation of ten guests in five cabins, and eight crew in four cabins.  The 44m X-Space is to be powered by twin Man 1450hp engines with top speeds being up to fifteen knots, and economic cruise at ten, which allows for a range up to four thousand nautical miles, before refuelling the 50,000 litres fuel capacity.