September 1, 2015

blogger - The Real Passion

In June of this year there was a very interesting story coming from Sportfish custom boat builder Jarrett Bay.  For those that do not know Jarrett Bay hails from North Carolina USA a hub of many custom sport fish builders and so far it has built boats from 25 to a currently in construction 90 feet hull number 62.   
During the economic downturn one Jarrett Bay the 1999 build 54 feet hull number 25, was left without a home, and so the company decides to transport it to the facility in Beaufort North Carolina. After looking in the yard Jarrett Bay President Randy Ramsey decides its time to return on the water and so an important refit project starts, from re-powering to complete make over inside and out. The boat is fully refitted and renamed Starflite in honor of Randy's first charter boat.  
This story shows an important basic element how a custom boat builder Jarrett Bay has still passion at heart.  Being Jarrett Bay a custom boat builder I do not want it other wise, as I do think that these companies have passion at heart more then commercial known builders.  But thinking of it the boating industry nowadays lacks a lot of this.  
It is not like it never had it though.  I have heard stories of a couple builders who used to have the companies President helping out clients.  Norberto Ferretti used to do loads in his early days managing, and in the eighties and nineties his cruise with Zia Canaia was pleasure and work.  I read a couple letters on Italian magazines praising Ferretti who after a call for assistance it was Norberto himself who came up to fix the problems on-board in the height of Summer.  At some time Ferretti was very proud of saying that it build over six hundred boats and all where navigating safely. But Norberto was not alone in this, and stories are also told that the old Fairline President in the nineties did a few of these in the Balearic's, as did Amati of Itama fame.

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