September 25, 2015

Project: Beneteau 40 Gran Turismo

Following the success of both the big and medium size Montecarlo range, Italians from Venice designers Nuvolari Lenard continue to make head winds in designing boats for the Beneteau Group.  This time around the French company which currently is the largest boat building firm in the World, has given to the Italian duo instructions to design a Gran Turismo model, the 40.  The 40 is a replacement of the 38 and once you see the plans you will notice there is not much difference on the layout inside of the replacing model, which I remind to my readers was also a further tweak of the 37 Monte Carlo.  None the less having worked with the outside the new 40 Gran Turismo looks from the exterior a very different model, much more aggressive and sporty then the 38.  At this point what will be interesting is if the Nuvolari Lenard is a one off for the Gran Turismo range or a full line up tweak.  I am sure a couple of years from now we will have that reply. 

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