October 19, 2010

Engine: FPT C90 650hp

As every year FPT, Fiat Powertrain Technologies presents a new edition to its range of marine engines at the world’s most important nautical event. The new C90 650 engine is according to FPT the best in its class, thanks to its outstanding power output, extremely quiet running and excellent reliability and efficiency, all packed in extremely compact measurements, a combination that makes it the ideal choice for leisure boats up to sixteen metres long. Confirming the technological excellence and innovation that distinguish all FPT marine engines, the new engine features the latest advances in engineering technology that are available on the market. This new straight-6 cylinder, 8.7 litre engine has 4-valve-per-cylinder timing and a sophisticated fuel supply system with a second generation Common Rail with electronic control incorporated into the cylinder head cover, which has unquestioned advantages in terms of safety and noise abatement. Turbocharging is provided by a water-cooled fixed geometry turbo blower with a waste-gate valve and after-cooling. These features enable the new C90 650 to deliver a maximum power output of 650hp at 2530 rpm, and engine torque of 2,152 Nm at 1,700 rpm. The excellent specific power output of 74.71 Hp/litre is the highest in its class and further proof of the outstanding efficiency of the C90 650. The cutting edge technology that went into the design and development of the new C90 650 has made it possible to combine sporty performance and low specific consumption of 228.5 g/kWh. Thanks to modern injection systems and electronic management, the engine has a minimal environmental impact and respects the most restrictive international standards, including Imo Marpol, Epa Recreational and 2003/44/EC. The characteristic measurements of the C90 650 make it another winner, even where ease of installation is concerned; this is underlined by the excellent weight-power, and volume-power ratios, which are respectively just 1.45 kg/Hp and 1.48 dm3/Hp, setting new benchmarks for its class. The overall weight of the new C90 650 is just 940kg. The C90 650 engine will be available on the market from early 2011.

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