June 23, 2023

Super Yacht Goes Aground in Aegina Greece

A 28 meter classic super yacht titled m/y Raider ran aground on the island of Aegina, to the South of Aegina marina on the morning of 23rd June. The event was fully filmed by renowned vlogger Sailing Doodles, who showed the events of the grounding, dropping the anchors and chain to reduce weight up to the pull out by the tug boat.  Raider was seen navigating in Poros ten miles South a day later so the speculation at this stage is that the damage minor and superficial.
M/y Raider is a Schichau-Unterweser 28.99 meter build in 1966 and designed by Willem de Vries Lentsch Jr.  Schichau-Unterweser was founded in April 1945 with the company merging in 1972 and 88 and then becoming the Schichau-Seebeck and closing its doors in July 2009. Raider has an older 1964 build sister-ship.

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  1. Here is Sailing Doodles video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSh7YiZhlmk