June 11, 2023

Classic Bertram Burns and Sinks in Liguria

A fourteen meter Bertram classic sportfish cruiser with five people onboard; four men and a woman went ablaze on 20:30 hours of Saturday ten June.  The Bertram was travelling from Lavagna in Eastern Liguria to Cala Medici yacht marina in Tuscany, when for an unknown reason ten nautical miles into its trip it went ablaze in front of Deiva Marina.  As soon as the boaters noticed the fire a MayDay was called, answered by the La Spezia coast guard operation, with the boaters first finding help from a passing by Rib, with the Sestri Levante coast guard later assisting in trying to stop the fire, and then taking the boaters to safety.  The five boaters where then later transported to Tigullio harbour where an ambulance was awaiting for a routine check to the five boaters, as they were unharmed with the exception for a shock. The classic Bertram was near to all engulfed by the fire, and then sank in the depths of the Ligurian sea.
The Bertram in this fire is a 46 Convertible model, also called the 46.6 because of the 46 feet six inches length.  Produced from 1971 to 87 the 46 Convertible was Dave Napier first creation for Bertram, setting a new high standard for sea keeping qualities.  The Bertram 46 Convertible was offered in two or three cabins layout, and in its sixteen years production had three versions, the latest one introduced in the fall of 1985.  Power was from twin 435hp GM and or optional 570hp from 1981 onwards.  The Bertram 46 Convertible was replaced by the 50 Convertible in 1987 with a second generation 46 coming in 1995 produced till 97.

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