June 28, 2023

Lurssen Shipyard Fire in Lemwerder Premises

A fire broke out in Lurssen Lemwerder premises at around 18:47 hours of Wednesday 28 June.  The police report has indicated that the fire broke out in one of the new construction sheds, with plastic ventilation pipes burning up and catching fire during welding works. 95 fire fighters rushed to the scene, with all the workers being quickly evacuated and one of them being treated for smoke inhalation. The new constructed vessel according to reports has not been affected by the fire, though about 70,000 euros of damage to machinery is estimated to have happened.  
Lurssen shipyard had a terrible fire in fourteen September 2018, with 150 workers evacuated and Project Sassi in its final construction stages being heavily damaged.  Project Sassi a 146 meter super yacht, tenth largest in the World will be rebuilt by Lurssen owned Blohm and Voss and launched in March this year.  
Founded in 1875 the German super yacht specialist is currently in its fourth generation headed by Friedrich II and Peter Lurssen, and is one of the most highly rated for the larger sized super yachts, hundred meters or more.  Lurssen has in its portfolio the largest yacht build in the World for volume with the 2016 launched 156 meter m/y Dilbar, designed by Espen Oino.

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