June 24, 2023

Azimut Ends Aground off Dorset Coast

A thirteen meter Azimut flybridge cruiser ended aground in Ringstead Bay off the Dorset Coast on the late morning of Saturday 24 June.  Previous to ending aground the Azimut flybridge cruiser caught a lobster pot on its portside propeller, and with the tide outgoing at the time of the incident ended on top of a reef.  Visibility was also reported poor that morning going down to less to one hundred meters.  The tide was up back afternoon and the Azimut cruiser was reported free from the area.
The Azimut in this grounding is the popular AZ42 presented in the fall 1997 Genoa boat, and as produced till 2008 in a hot selling five hundred plus units.  Designed by Righini and interior by Galeazzi the Azimut 42 was offered in a three cabin version from 2000 and received the Evolution upgrade in the fall of 2004.  The 42 was replaced by the Azimut 43 in 2006.

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