June 23, 2023

Boat Ends Aground in Unije

An eight meter traditional cruiser ended aground on the islet of Skojlic, just before Unije harbour in the night and morning of 23th June.  The dynamics of the accident are not reported, but this is a well marked area, with a high green marker, showing the island  before touching low water itself.  Removal and salvage operations of the traditional cruiser where being organized on Saturday morning.  This is the second accident in the area in less to a year when a classic twenty meter Baglietto motor yacht sank on the tenth August 2023 after hitting bottom.
The traditional cruiser in this accident is a Piculjan Rab 830 model.  Inspired to traditional Italian fishing boats with modern design elements the Rab 830 offers accommodation in a three plus two layout, and is powered by twin diesels from 165 up 265hp in line shaft propulsion reaching speeds up to thirty knots.  Piculjan is located on the island of Rab in Croatia and has been building boats since 1936.

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