August 1, 2022

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Social media for the most has become part of our lives just as much TV was in the twentieth century or radio in the nineteenth.  How many times do you end in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and or TikTok watching short clips of boats and yachts and then commenting about it.  Social media has changed our viewing experience just as much as Cable Television, PayTV, and Satellite. 

The bad side of the coin of social media is that everyone is entitled to an opinion, and while that it is always the case, when someone writes a post it tends that people believe what they want to.  For example if someone posts a video of a boat on fire, the first speculation is that this was made voluntary to make a pay out of it all and get out of the financial burden that is boating.  What people tend to forget is that boating for many people is passion, and while it is a known fact that it is an expensive hobby, many people once they get used to it, cannot live without a boat.

Social media has also changed how news travel now being faster to everything.  If a boat accident happens you usually get it before on social media followed later by the news rooms.  Also today even the smallest of accidents gets reported on social media with some newsroom then following the story of what happened.  Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have channels build around boating accidents and fails.

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