August 21, 2022

Web: Picchiotti New Web Site

Picchiotti presents its new website, which comes following the new ownership of The Italian Sea Group in 2022. Founded in a historical date of 1575 on the limits of the Arno river in Pisa, Picchiotti later moved at some time in the late nineteen century to the Viareggio sea-side town.  Coming under Perini ownership Picchiotti was moved again in 2010 to La Spezia with the sail yacht builder taking the place of the Viareggio yard from the early nineties.  Now under this new ownership of The Italian Sea Group, Picchiotti will return to Marina di Carrara where in 1982 it build its largest 103 meter build to date.  The Picchiotti family is one of the reasons why the seaside Village of Viareggio became known as the Yacht City of the World since the eighties. In its four century history Picchiotti did nearly build everything from wooden sail boats, Iron Italian Navy vessels, and race craft. The yard has also a unique record of building yachts being one of the first to do it with the 15 metre Espria of 1905, and then followed by the famous 36.5 metre Kon-Tiki from 1947, and the 1982 delivered 103,85 meter Al Said now Al Mubrikah which was for a long time the largest super yacht ever build in Italy. Picchiotti was also the first for building semi-serial motor cruisers and yachts in wood from 1955 to 1980.  This started with the 13,30 to 17 meter Versilia in 1955 sold in eleven units, and was followed in 1961 by the 10.25 meter Giglio its best seller with 52 units sold.  The Picchiotti semi production series continued till 1975 with the 1962 Giannutri and 1965 Giraglia both selling 28 units each to make them second best seller.  Other models of the semi-production line which came where the 1963 Gorgona, 1965 75, the 1966 Mistral 55, 1968 with 90 series which was made in four units following the launch of Sunny Dream and the Lampuga 42, 1969 Cariddi 55, and last the Poalo Caliari designed series from the revolutionary Tiger at first in 11,20 then expanded to 12,30 meters and available in three versions N, S, and F, to the Lupo di Mare and Progetto 68.  In the early nineties a historical turn came for Picchiotti with the newly founded Perini Navi first leasing the yard premises for the construction of its unique sail boats, and later on purchasing the whole area and the brand. In the year 2010 Picchiotti returns to the scene with the launching of three custom super yachts from the Phillipe Briand Vitruvius Explorer series, the 50m in 2010, a 55.7m in 2012, and 73m in 2014 this being also Picchiotti second largest build to date.  Picchiotti new web site is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; Brand, Heritage, Fleet, News, Archive, Sales, Contact, and TISC.

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