August 28, 2022

Sasga New Web Site

Sasga Yachts presents its new World wide web showroom. Sasga is the creation of Juan Luis Sastre founded in 2010, but has roots which start much further in the past to that.  The start is in 1978 when Astilleros Menorca is founded, focusing on boat repair and the building of the Lluat traditional Balearic island fishing boat.  In 1997 a turn around happens when the Menorquin 55 a ten meter in length later renamed as the 110 is launched, this starts the way for the cruisers and yachts inspired range, and is followed by the 150 model in 1998.  In 2001 Menorquin becomes a family run company with Jose Luis Sastre taking the helm, which he will sell in 2006 to a private investment firm.  In 2010 following the ending of a clause denying Sastre to build boats for two years Sasga is opened, and as with the old continues the concept of the Menorcan Lluat traditional boat converted to a cruiser and yacht return. Sasga currently offers six models which start with the 34 HT, and go up to the 68 FB flagship. The Sasga models are designed by Ingo Toledo from Barracuda who gave a sense of modern looks to the traditional captivating lines. Sasga new website is available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian and takes you around with the following buttons; Models, About Us, News, Dealers, Contact, Brokerage, and Private Area. Sasga is also on social media with bottom buttons link taking you to its; Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook pages.
Production History;
Menorquin 42 HT 2011-  *12 project
Menorquin 54 HT 2012-22  *16 project
Menorquin 54 FB 2013-22  *16 project
Menorquin 42 FB 2014-
Menorquin 34 HT 2016-  *32 project
Menorquin 68 FB 2018-
Menorquin 55 FB 2023-
Menorquin 55 HT 2023-

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