August 1, 2022

Sport Yacht Collides Into Reef to Avoid Collision, One Dead Three Injured

One person died and three others where injured when an eighteen meter sport yacht named m/y Amore collided with a reef in La Nibani Islands, close to Porto Cervo in the Emerald Coast to the North East of Sardinia, on the night of 31 July at around 2050 hours.  The collision came following a manovre by its captain to avoid m/y Sweet Dragon of 21 meters in size coming from its right side, with Amore navigating from South to North.  One person the owner of Amore a 63 year old English German named Dean Crossbein was reported dead following a heart attack on the collision.  Amore sustained a large gapping hole damage to the port side of its bow, where the crew cabin is located.  Two other unnamed smaller boats where also involved in the accident, with Sweet Dragon and another smaller boat giving first-aid assistance to Amore immediately after the impact.  Both Amore and Sweet Dragon where detained by the Coast Guard for further investigation, with both captains of the large sport yachts accused of involuntary man slaughter.
M/Y Amore is a Profilmarine Cherokee 60 designed by Alberto Mercati.  The Cherokee 60 was introduced in 1987 available with a two or three double cabins layout plus one crew cabin forward and powered by twin GM 1080hp in line shaft or surface drives. Profilmarine from Viareggio was owned by its architect Alberto Mercati, which made historical success in the eighties with the 50 model which sold over fifty units in that decade. 
M/Y Sweet Dragon is a 1989 Magnum 70 one of eleven made and the first version as designed by Pininfarina.  Sweet Dragon commissioned by the family Campari has been owned since 1995 by x-Italian prime minister and media magnate Silvio Berlusconi. 

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