August 22, 2022

Mangusta Collides with Li Nibani Reefs

A 21 meter Mangusta sport yacht named m/y 7 Zero collided with Li Nibani reefs outside of Porto Cervo in Sardinia on the early evening of 21 August.  The yacht was reported under charter duty, and sustained damage to its hull bottom area and to port side.  This yacht follows the tragic incident with one man being killed which happened on the 31 July in the same spot.  The Mangusta sport yacht was on the afternoon of Monday 22 August taken for repairs.  Li Nibani which means seagulls in Galluran language is a reef archipelago located to the North East of Porto Cervo and Sardinia.
M/y 7 Zero is a 2007 Overmarine Mangusta 72. Produced from 1999 to 2013 to a design of Stefano Righini and build to order with a custom made lower and main deck.  Always with surface drive propulsion Mangusta 72 where first powered by twin 1200hp or 1300hp Man engines good for speeds up to 36 and 38 knots respectively, while newer units had the 1550hp reaching up to forty knots.  Overmarine sold about fifty Mangusta 72, which makes it its second all time best seller following the longer produced Mangusta 80 which sold in 73 units.

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