August 30, 2022

Engine: Man V12X 2200hp

Man will present its new V12X engine series to a global audience at the Cannes 2022 boat show. With the newly developed V12 engine for yacht applications, Man Engines is for the first time offering its customers an output of 2200hp from 30 liters of displacement. The Man V12X achieves its output of 2200hp at 2300 rpm from a bore of 138 mm and a stroke of 165 mm. Compared with the previous most powerful yacht engine from Man, V12 2000hp the displacement of the V12X has been increased by more than five liters and the maximum torque from 6500 Nm to 7350 Nm. The MAN V12X is based on a completely new basic engine, incorporating many findings from the current V12 engine series, which continues to cover yacht outputs of up to 2000hp. As part of the new development of the next-generation yacht engine, the engineers at MAN Engines enlarged the bore of the MAN V12X to 138 mm and the stroke to 165 mm. Among other things, the wall thicknesses of the crankcase have been increased at significant points, its bolt connection between the upper and lower parts of the case has been optimized and a new crankshaft with larger bearing diameters has been installed. A great deal of attention is also paid to the findings from numerous test bench trials with correspondingly long running times and the experience gained from trials at customers on the water. In addition, findings from the E3872 stationary gas engine developed in parallel complement the development. This counterpart for power and heat generation is based on the same basic engine and was presented for the first time back at the end of 2021. The evolution to the next generation of yacht engines is reflected in the numerous further developments that the Man V12X features, which on the one hand are due to the significantly higher output, but on the other also play a major role in ensuring the durability of the product. For this reason, the Man V12X in the highest output for yachts is designed for a full-load share of up to 20%. A new coolant pump and a new thermostat housing provide the Man V12X with an optimized coolant supply for the usual long service life of the engine. The engine is also optionally available with an outer-skin cooling system instead of the closed coolant circuit. The new, distinctive cylinder head of the V12X, which has also been significantly optimized in terms of flow and cooling, is designed to meet the same development goal. In addition, the oil supply has also been modified by using new oil pumps and new oil coolers, as well as optimizing the flow. As an additional customer benefit, the V12X is the first marine engine using Man recently introduced Hydraulic Valve Lash adjustment as standard on marine engines for the first time, which eliminates the need for regularly checking and adjusting the valve lash. The new Common Rail injection system is another milestone that represents the excellence of this next generation of engines. With an impressive 2200 bar injection pressure, the basis is created for the low fuel consumptions and outstanding raw emissions typical of Man engines. The engine control unit is also new and opens up further possibilities for optimal engine design. In conjunction with the exhaust gas aftertreatment system, which has also been adapted, strict legal requirements such as IMO Tier III are met. The Man V12X is also available in combination with the hybrid system from MAN Engines, the "MAN Smart HYBRID Experience". The compact installation dimensions is almost identical to those of the Man V12 series with 24 litres, an advantage for new builds as well as for re-engine projects. Despite numerous measures to ensure the robustness of the new engine, the Man V12X with its 2720kg dry weight is positioned as a lightweight in the field of twelve and sixteen cylinder yacht engines over 2000hp, giving 0.81hp per kilogram of dry weight or 74.3 hp (54.6 kW) per liter of displacement. The V12X engine will be available from mid-2024.

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