August 20, 2022

Super Yacht My Saga Sinks in Gulf of Squillace

M/y My Saga a 39 meter super yacht with nine Italian crew onboard sank in the Gulf of Squillace, eight nautical miles from Catanzaro Marina on 1300 hours of Saturday 20 August.  The crew reported a water intrusion in the early morning of Saturday, after evacuation a team of four remained whilst a tug boat from Crotone came to tow the yacht to safety, which ultimately did not succeed. Before sinking the yacht tilted heavily to starboard while under towing. The crew and yacht where assisted first by a Romanian patrol boat on behalf of Frontex, and a Guardia Costiera boat CP321 from Crotone second.  The yacht was traveling from Gallipoli on the Adriatic sea to Milazzo in Sicily, after arriving from Turkey.  The Italian Coast Guard released a statement that rough sea conditions did not help in saving and towing the yacht to Crotone with My Saga sinking at 1300 hours.
M/y My Saga previously named Yuko was build by defunct commercial ship builder founded in 1999 Cantieri San Marco from La Spezia, to an exterior design by Tim Heywood and naval architecture by Alberto Acenzi.  Monaco Yacht and Technologies inherited the project of the 39.4 meter yacht and with an interior design by Jean-Marc Achy sold it in 2007.  Twin Cats 503hp engines powered My Saga to a fourteen knots speed and a cruise of eleven will give a range up to 4000 nautical miles. This 39.4 meter is the only super yacht build by San Marco, known for building Tug boats with some commercial ships in between, though when Monaco Yacht and Technologies took over the yard they had two yachts, a 72 and 74 meter of about 1500GT of volume inbuild.  My Saga is owned by Russian coal magnate Gennady Ayvazyan who is reported as owning at least another super yacht.

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