June 23, 2021

Project: Nordhavn N71

The Nordhavn 71 is a brand new boat that will follow in the wake of the 80, providing her owners an elegant, modern, state-of-the-art passage-making explorer yacht. The N71 is a brand new hull, created especially for those who find themselves in the upper end of the mid-size range, who desire the aesthetic of one of Nordhavn’s larger yachts, but want the ability to manage without crew.  Indeed, with the first three hulls committed by former owners of Nordhavn 68 or 60 models, the N71 seems to be filling a void. Nordhavn co-owner and Chief of Design Jeff Leishman said the N71 is a modern response to the third generation Nordhavns that were built in the early 2000s. Styling, technology and creature comforts have all evolved since then. The Nordhavn 71 is available in two layouts: a three-stateroom layout with skylounge, or another that incorporates a fourth stateroom in place of the sky lounge. While decidedly smaller than the 80, the N71 mimics her twin model configuration, sleek lines and advanced level of engineering. She was designed with Nordhavn’s in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics program. As is the case with all long-range Nordhavns, she will have ocean-crossing capability and will be built to the strictest CE Certification standard for offshore use. The N71 benefits from more intuitive space planning, a stepped-up lighting schedule, a big dining room, spacious owners cabin and larger windows. She will also keep in step with newer Nordhavns being offered with a more complete spec, thus keeping costs and build time wrangled. The specification includes a credit for furniture so buyers can choose their own chairs, dining table, pillows and the like, resulting in a highly-individualized yacht.  She’ll be constructed by the craftsmen at the Ta Shing yard in Taiwan, where the 68 and 76 are built. Tooling is currently being fabricated and the first hull is expected to begin construction in January of 2022. The lead time of hull #1 will be 18 months but Leishman anticipates production will streamline down to 15 months with subsequent models. 

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