June 18, 2021

Project: Seanfinity Y-9 Fastexplorer

Seanfinity presents the Y-9 Fastexplorer, an innovative new super yacht project which comes following the success of the T-4, T-5, and the just launched R-4.  The Seanfinity Y-9 represents a new Y for Yacht range for the Italian builder, and at 27 meter will also mean a new important flagship.  Currently the largest Seanfinity is the T-5 at just under fifteen meters in length, and was launched in the fall of 2020.  The Seanfinity Y-9 Fastexplorer promises to have an innovative under water shape which can run at fast speeds but also efficient and seaworthy in displacement mode.  The co-owners of Seanfinity; Vincenzo Tuccio the engineer behind the Top System surface drives, and naval architect Gianluca Caputi previous owner of the Golfo and Italcraft brands are both forward thinking naval architects.  So far very few details are available on the Y-9, apart the above rendering which shows a raised pilot house design, some wide body details, and I would say the choice to have a forward main deck master stateroom.

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