June 23, 2013

Web: Cigarette New Web Site

Iconic US powerboat builder Cigarette presents its new World wide web showroom.  Cigarette was one of the brands founded by at the time retired construction magnet Don Aronow. Cigarette debuted in 1969 with a racing 32 feet deep Vee hull featuring twin Mercruiser 475hp, and this hull expanded the Aronow fame of building winning boats from the start taking first at the Long Beach to Esenada Mexico race averaging 76 mph.  In three years time Cigarette with Aronow at the helm will win countless races including two World championships, three US titles, and breaking the record in the Miami Nassau race.  This success will continue with a dozen plus of other racers winning countless races and titles all over the World.  Following this success of the Cigarette racing boat, the company presents its first production model the 28 Standard, which will be updated to the 28 Super Sleek a few years laters.  In 1978 Aronow sells Cigarette to Halter Marine, with the idea of pursing horse racing and other stuff, but pass some time later on 188th street in Miami he founds Squadron XII experimenting with some 27 and 38 feet hulls.  Halter gives again opportunity to buy back into Cigarette for Aronow and with this he merges Squadron XII into the brand.  Don Aronow will buy back the remaining Cigarette shares but will sell the company in 1982 to Jerry Jacoby of Hawk engines, this featuring a clause that Aronow cannot build a deep Vee bottom till 1987.  Jacoby will sell Cigarette in 1984 to Jeffrey Friedman.  After the mid eighties Cigarette launches some important models still called as classics till today from the 35 CafĂ© Racer and the 38 Top Gun, this last selling 500 units as at year 2000 and as yet still in production.  The nineties will see Cigarette build the 42 Revolution 188 dedicated to its founding street, and 46 Rough Rider.  In 1994 CRT Inc founded by Bob Torter and Craig Barrie starts to head Cigarette.  In 1999 Cigarette introduces its first stepped hull this model will be the 38 Top Gun T/S.  In 2002 Cigarette is bought by Chicago business man Skip Braver marking as at today the last ownership change to the company.   Today Cigarette builds a total of sixteen models divided into four lines; Performance Boats, Performance Center Consoles, Performance Diesel, and Special Editions.  The smallest Cigarette is the long standing 38 Top Gun, with the flagship being the 50 AMG Black Series.  Cigarette new website takes you around with the following buttons; The Boats, The Difference, The Legend, and Contact.  Cigarette is also featured on social media hubs as Facebook, and Youtube.      

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