June 2, 2021

Project: Pershing 6X

Pershing present the 6X project.  A restyling of the successful 62 model which the company launched in 2013.  The 62 is one of the most successful Pershing's, and was also itself a development of a model which born in 2005 as 56 model, then developed as 58 in 2010, 62 and now in 2021 redefines itself as the 6X.  The 56 was also a hot seller selling seventy units in a production run of five years, making it the second best sold Pershing ever behind the 50/50.1 model.  The Pershing 6X  expresses the boldest and most daring side of the brand’s character, the side that always appeals to people who love excitement on the water. Compact but in no way incomplete, it packs all the best of the brand’s leading-edge technology into a compact form factor. As all Pershing since 1985 the 6X is again a design of Fulvio de Simoni, with the Ferretti Group engineering doing the naval architecture and the rest.   Pershing 6X has an eye-catchingly sleek and streamlined appearance, with exterior styling that shares the same family feeling as the other Generation X models. The new yacht turns heads with its highly aerodynamic profile and large glazed surfaces in the hull that flood the lower deck with natural light.  The main novelties include style features that clearly reflect Pershing’s approach to design in recent years, further improving functional and comfort-related design goals without affecting outstanding performance. They include the new styling of the big aft sun pad, the carbon and teak table in the cockpit dining area, and the chaise longue with reclining backrest positioned forward.  The 6X though is the most conservative of all X and the only one not featuring the wings which join the top of the hard-top with that of the shipside, a feature Pershing introduced with the 70 in 2014.  An important new feature on the main deck is the helm station, made up of a dashboard with two 19-inch monitors, carbon fibre control panels and an electro-hydraulic steering system. Also available is an innovative joystick coupled to the surface drive with various advanced operating modes, including ‘easy handling’ for ground-breaking manoeuvrability in ports and confined waters. A large sunroof opens over the dashboard to take cruising enjoyment to the next level.  The first Pershing 6X unit has a layout with three cabins - owner, forward VIP and starboard guest - and three bathrooms with separate shower. The guest bathroom, which can be entered both from the cabin and the lobby on the mezzanine, also acts as day toilet. On the left side of the hull is the galley, strategically positioned to benefit from various sources of natural light, including a ceiling window. The version for the American market has two cabins; owner and VIP with a living space replacing the guest cabin.  Both versions have a crew cabin entered from the cockpit, with a single bed and integrated bathroom.  Among the other novel features are new rectangular portholes that look even more like real windows.  The materials used for the interiors of the new 6X are in perfect Pershing style, with extensive use of plain and lacquered wood for the furniture, parquet floors, Mastrotto and Poltrona Frau leathers, and mirrored panels in the owner’s cabin. The lighting system features new horizontal LED bars in the ceiling that match the decor based on alternating smooth and undulated surfaces.  Pershing 6X confirms the outstanding performance standards set by the brand since the end nineties with a top speed of almost 48 knots and a cruising of about 42 knots, with a pair of twin Man 1550hp.

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