June 27, 2021

Pershing Sport Cruiser Sinks near Capri

An eleven meter Pershing sport cruiser partially sank in the afternoon of 27 June, in the island of Capri, near the Faraglioni, the two pointed rocks used in various movie and advertising scenes symbol of the famous island.  The three guests onboard the Pershing sport cruiser called a MayDay after seeing they where taking on water.  The guests where rescued by a neighbouring boat in the area.  The local coast guard gave immediate assistance while the boat was re-floated some hours later.  
The Pershing 37 was presented in year 2000 and produced till 2006 and was for that time the entry level for the Italian brand.  Designed as all Pershing models by Fulvio de Simoni, the 37 replaced the 38/39 model with a sleeker exterior and less accommodating interior to her predecessor. The Pershing 37 offered four berths interior and was offered with two lower deck layouts; standard open layout, and optional Cabin version with enclosed forward cabin, L-shaped saloon, and a midships open double berth. The Pershing 37 was powered by twin Cats 355hp, with 2004 onward having Yanmar 370hp engines with shaft propulsion and reaching top speeds above the mid thirties.  A special one off with the same hull but no radar arch called Pershing 38 Endurance with twin Cats 420hp and Arneson surface drives was produced in 2000 and also competed in the Venezia to Monte Carlo race.  This 38 Endurance was for a time the Pershing founder and previous boss Tilli Antonelli personal boat.       

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