June 20, 2021

Two Killed in Collision Hit and Run on Garda Lake

Two Germans killed two Italians, a 37 year old male and a 25 years old female in a collision hit and run which happened in the night of nineteen June on Lake Garda in the North of Italy, in the South West Salo part of the lake.  The accident has strange circumstances as the two Germans onboard the Riva Aquarama mahogany cruiser declared in the police interrogation to not even notice to have hit the launch boat and to have killed the two Italians, continuing with there affairs on the lake, and after this also returning to there homes in Bavaria Munich in Germany.  The Germans onboard the Riva cruiser are currently detained in a prison in Brescia.
The boat in this accident is a Riva Aquarama a model produced from 1962 till 1996 in five versions.  A total of 769 Aquarama's where build in its 34 years production run; including the limited edition only one made Lamborghini, the seven produced 22 centimeters longer and 8.7 meters long Lungo, the slightly longer and more powerful Super Aquarama launched in 1963, and the Aquarama Special which was produced 1972 to 96  and is easily recognizable thanks to its sloop stern.  The  Aquarama was developed on the Tritone, and like its predecessor was twin engine powered with line shaft propulsion, and depending on engines reached speed from forty to fifty knots. The Aquarama is the most regarded motor boat of all time thanks for it being incredibly beautiful, making it the preferred of many VIPs today but also in the sixties and seventies, and Riva using this to clever market the boat.  The Riva wooden runabouts sport cruisers, which started with the Corsaro in 1946 ended with the Aquarama Special in 1996 hull #749.  Five years later to the stop in production this heritage was reignited by Riva with the fiberglass Aquariva designed by Mauro Micheli, launched in 2001 and still produced today in the Super version. 

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