January 9, 2020

Project: Silent 60

Silent present the new fully designed 60 model which is the replacement of the SILENT 64. This new Silent 60 will be built at the shipyard Bakri Cono in Rayong, Thailand. The 60 is a step forward comparing to the best-selling Silent 55 which is now arrived at hull number six in the water. The new model is longer, wider and more voluminous, but she also has a new high performance hull form that is optimized with CFD study, with a longer waterline and reverse bow. The exterior design resembles the flagship Silent 80 style. Its signature details are a long window stripe at the sidewall of the hull and more window surface overall.  The Silent 60 will have 17kwp of solar power, e-motors from twin 30 kw up to 250 kw, and generator power from 22 to 100 kw.  Top speed will be up to twenty knows, and fuel capacity can be increased from 600 to 1600 liters, and as well subject to generator and engine choices.

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