January 1, 2020

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Yesterday marked the end of 2019, and with it the second decade of the second millennium.  This decade started in one of a challenge climate for the boating industry as a whole.  The World in 2010 was still trying to recover from the 2009 recession, and it took a few years for it to find its paces.  In 2014 onward things started to settle down and the last two years have been really great for the industry as a whole, with some sectors doing better to others.  
This past decade was for sure the one of the outboard, which will make more news in the coming years.  Outboards and center console's have had a huge growth and now it is becoming nearly a must for every sport cruiser under twelve meters in size to have the outboard option. 
The super yachting industry was also in rough patch come 2010 and now the industry has one of the largest order books in its story.  Yachts are becoming bigger to, whether that's a good thing or not I am not sure.  Some yachts become to big when they go upward of certain dimensions.  Most marinas can't handle the increased sizing.  Does it feel a yacht if with 100 meter you are obliged to stay in a commercial harbor.  But the average size of super yacht has also increased, what was 28 meters in 2010, now it is around the 37 meter mark.  
A part of the market which is still not fully recovered is the fifteen to twenty meters size.  This market was possibly the biggest grower in the 2000's, but now today is still in a weaker state in both motor yachting and sport yachting.  
PowerYachtBlog wishes to all its viewers, readers, and followers a 2020 full of happiness.

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