September 1, 2019

Out-News is Back with a Change

So in July, PowerYacht refreshed the Out-News section.  The original idea of Out-News was to put more basis to marina talking.  Problems from manufacturers which happen during construction and show during the first uses of the boat, an engine, and or propulsion.  Unfortunately this was hard to come by, while manufacturers mishap do still happen, possibly even more nowadays then yesterday, finding the proof and evidence is another matter.  Especially when a guarantee fix needs to come from those same manufacturers.  Meaning that posting photos on the internet usually does not help your cause.    
Now from July 2019 this has changed and Out-News has become the bringer of news.  And what a bringer it turned out to be with the month of July and August being particular hot in the happenings around the Mediterranean sea.  Couple of accidents happening every week I guess some even being more surprising to others.  
The top news was boats on fire most of which have been old units, but we had a couple sad surprises of news concerning very new craft.  One was the second hull of Dreamline DL30 sinking in its first cruise from Malta to Sardinia.  The accident according to reports was very unfortunate and has nothing to do with the construction of the vessel.  
Interesting to note that this was the second news in a year that a new construction goes total loss, after the Tecnomar Evo 120 caught fire in May at the builders shipyard in Massa Carrara during final fit out.  In past years we had similar accidents, I remember recently that of a  Lurrsen in September 2018, and a Benetti in July of 2018 both being super yachts in phase of construction.
So that is some more Out-News for you!

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