September 4, 2019

Out-News = Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane season has arrived and it seems to have started with a blast.  Dorian was the first major hurricane of 2019, and started to form in August 24 first as Tropical storm, and then moving to Lesser Antilles in August 28 and developing as a hurricane.  On August 31 Dorian became category four, and the day after it reached category five, reaching sustained winds of 185 mph, and a low pressure of 910 millibars.  After reaching category five Dorian slowed down not little remaining nearly stationery on Abaco Islands and the Grand Bahamas island from September 1 to 3, causing extensive damage to the islands, with the high sustained winds, storm surge, and heavy rain fall.  At least thirty people are reported to be death by the havoc of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, with thousands of homes destroyed.  Reports are also saying that every single marina in the Grand Bahamas has been destroyed.  Dorian is now directed to Florida though the hurricane has decreased to a Category two.

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