September 18, 2019

Montecarlo Venice Record Attempt Ends in Tragedy

A record attempt between Monte Carlo and Venice ended in tragedy the evening of seventeenth September at about 2100, just some minutes away from concluding the feat.  The fast powerboat of around twenty meter in length finished against the San Nicoletto breakwater, in the locality of Lunata in the Venice Lagoon.  The San Nicoletto breakwater is a protection barrier for the Mose, a mobile gate aimed in protecting Venice when the high tide of the Northern Adriatic occurs.  News are reporting that the twenty meter fast powerboat crashed on the breakwater at a speed of eighty knots, and with the impact ended on the other side of the breakwater.  Departing from Montecarlo on Monday at 1100 hours, the record attempt at this stage was nearly completed with only minutes away from success.  The timing of the feat at this stage, and excluding the pit stop was at 18 hours thirty minutes. Three pilots; offshore legend Fabio Buzzi, Luca Nicolini, and the Dutch Eric Hoorn lost there lives.  In grievous condition also other popular offshore name Mario Invernizzi, who is reported as at today in stable conditions.
Fabio Buzzi was piloting most possibly one of his FB Sixty fast boats which had top speed capability up to seventy knots in full load condition.  We still do not have details of the craft Fabio Buzzi was using for this Montecarlo Venice new record breaking attempt, which he made his many times, over the years.  Buzzi most recent record of the challenge came in twelfth July 2016 with a twin 1600hp MTU powered FB 60, who did the course in 22 hours 5 minutes and 42 seconds with an average speed of 52.3 knots.         

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