September 14, 2019

Project: Dominator Ilumen 42m Tri Deck

Dominator apparently will announce the sale for the Ilumen 42m Tri Deck its new flagship in the upcoming Cannes 2019 boat show.  The Dominator Ilumen 42m Tri Deck continues the evolution of the now fully dedicated upwards of 24 meters super yacht builder, and come from a design of Alberto Mancini, the designer responsible for all the Ilumen range.  The Ilumen 42m Tri Deck is set to be delivered in 2020, and is a triple deck super yacht with a hard top sun deck, and fast semi displamcent hull with bulb.  The Ilumen range was introduced in 2014 and from a unique model in the line up, has since then taken over the Dominator range.  This is a bit of a pity as I think the Dominator range of high quality semi custom motor and super yachts from nineteen to 25 meters did have a special place in the market. 

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