August 31, 2019

Out-News = Ferretti Super Yacht in the Rocks

So I cannot say I know much about this accident involving a Ferretti 810 RPH with what appears a Panamanian flag which crashed into a reef.  This photo appeared in my social media feed on Saturday 31 August, in early afternoon, and beyond that I do not know more.  This is the second accident of this type in 2019 after we had a Princess V78 which had a similar but worse damage in Sifnos, Aegean Greek Islands in early July.  By the picture I would say the Ferretti was going at slow displacement speeds.  The location appears Eastern med; Croatia, Greece, or Turkey.  If anyone knows more please advise by leaving a comment in this post section.
Produced from 2003 to 2005 the Ferretti 810 RPH, was a further development of the 80 RPH model with the main recognizable difference being the larger port hole windows located at midships, serving the owners stateroom, and a bit larger extended bathing platform aft.  The 80 was a model born from the hull extension and updated super structure of the 225 Fly in 1997, Ferretti's flagship from 1993 up to 96.  All three models; 225, 80 and 810 where designed by Zuccon who did all Ferretti onwards from 1990 up to 2017, and the model was then replaced by the 830 in 2006.  The 810 RPH features a four double cabins lower deck layout, with two aft crew cabins for four persons. The RPH as in raised pilot house free'd space in the main deck, making this area more spacious to the standard version. The Ferretti 810 RPH was powered by twin MTU 1550hp which gave top speeds of thirty knots and a fast cruise of 27.   

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