September 19, 2019

Fabio Buzzi 1943 - 2019

Fabio Buzzi tragically left for the better World on September seventeenth 2019 at around 2100 hours in a Montecarlo Venice record breaking attempt which ended in tragedy in the final moments.  Records which Fabio Buzzi made so many times his in the years all over the World.  Fabio was a firm believer of application of his design theories with the real test being that of competition, which he was very much involved since 1960.  A unique trait of the genius that was Fabio Buzzi was not only involved in hull design but also in his expertise in diesel engines which he revolutionized in the eighties with Seatek, and also in that of propulsion with the Trimax surface-drives.  Buzzi was born in Lecco, Italy in 28 January 1943 to a family tied for centuries in building and design.  Buzzi started his involvement in powerboat racing in 1960, in 1971 he graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin in mechanical engineering with a thesis of self construct vessel, and in the same year FB Design is founded.  In 1974 he build his first powerboat a three pointed hydroplane called Mostro, first ever build boat with Kevlar 49 and with it will set at the time a World speed record for the S4 class at 95.39 knots. FB Design first specialization is high performance vessels, and later over the years enters the area of building specialized fast patrol craft for military and maritime control.  In 1986 with Carlo Bonomi, Fabio Buzzi founds SeaTek, specialized in high performance diesel engines.  Fabio Buzzi will collaborate over the years with many yards in designing hulls, most of which coming from his native country Italy.  His most known and famous boat building collaboration was with Milan fast sport cruiser and yacht builder Cigala and Bertinetti in the eighties, off which with them he will produce various legendary models most of which the famous Nitro 50, which was baptized as Cesa 1882 in the Class One offshore, and recently reborn as FPT red.  Cesa 1882 won two World Championships in 1988 and 89, and was unstoppable in racing when the sea got choppy and rough and the design over the years evolved into the Kerakoll, and then in the Metamarine/Tommy One, both taking top honors in the Enrdurance Powerboat World champions.  Other builders which saw Buzzi collaborate where Off Course, Tecnomar with the first TB series it launched in mid eighties, Novamarine for the high performance rib cruisers and yachts line, Alfamarine with the 43 and 50 models, and Otam which has the 80 HT and 2019 launched 85 GTS model based on his 2001 FB Design 80 Record hull.  That 80 Record which did the Montecarlo to London record.  Buzzi also collaborated with Sunseeker twice selling to the British company the design of the XS 2000 and the 2019 launched 38 Superhawk, this later being his recent 38 Stab with more refined finishes.  Fabio Buzzi has over the years conquered over 26 titles and records.  His designs have captured 52 World Offshore titles, 22 European Offshore titles, 27 Italian Championships, forty World speed records, and won seven Harmsworth Trophies.

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