July 10, 2022

Gagliotta New Web Site

Italian Neapolitan builder Gagliotta updates its World wide web showroom to a new design. Not very known outside the Italian peninsula, this builder has great respect mostly attributed to the racing success of founder Salvatore Gagliotta. Founded in 1952 in Naples, Mergellina, Gagliotta starts producing his first prototypes, which are small fast boats based on a Hunt hull design. Years pass and in the sixties Gagliotta moves from a hand building method to a semi production GRP construction way, and in the same time starts to compete in the Offshore competitions. In 1968 it also receives an honorable mention on the renowned Italian Nautica Magazine, where the Budda Blitz cruiser competing in a race keeps following the faster boats, with top US powerboat builder and racer Don Aronow complimenting this feat saying that the only one European hull is worth copying is that of the Naples built and designed Gagliotta. In the year 2000 the Naples builder introduces the 37 Gagliardo designed by Stefano Mango which is still in production as 37, changing with this model the philosophy concept of all the range evolving it from a fast sport boat type to a sportfish cruiser. Today four out of five models follows this design accept for the 2009 introduced Judel and Vroijlik 35 Lobster. The current Gagliotta range offers four models from 35 to 52 feet, and two ranges Fisherman three units and the entry model 35 Lobster.  In 2017 Gagliotta also announced two additional 48 and 42 Lobster projects but so far these have not materialized as at today.  The new Gagliotta web site is available English and Italian language takes you around with the following buttons; Home, The Shipyard, Fisherman, Lobster,  and Contacts.  Gagliotta is also on social media with side and bottom links taking you to its Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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