July 17, 2022

Web: Patrone New Web Site

Patrone Moreno updates presents its new website. Starting in Ceriale, Savona, by Giuseppe Patrone who taking the title of specialized carpenter opens shop in 1922 and starts building Italian Ligurian style Fishing boats i.e. Gozzo with the traditional entry bow. Patrone's work captures the attention of many, which starts a chain of orders for Gozzo, Pilot-boat, and Yachts all build in wood until the sixties. In the seventies Patrone makes the move to fiberglass with glued wood finishes to keep the rich textures of his classic builds, a method still used as at today by the Ligurian company. Patrone has also in its history competed, winning for twenty six times the Italian national title sailing 12 Dinghy class in 1949. In 1984 Pier Michele and Ornella Moreno acquire the Patrone shipyard.  In 1990 Patrone launches the 25 its most successful model to date, which produced till 2008 will sell in over one hundred units.  Heir to the 1970 6.60 meter Nautilus the 25 will be replaced by the 27 Special in 2008.  In 2000 Patrone creates a new hit with the 42 Open model.  In 2013 Patrone buys other Ligurian Gozzo builder Scialino. Today Patrone Moreno produces fifteen different models, from three to thirteen meters, with the entry level being the 26 title winner Dinghy at 3.66 meters, to the 42 which is offered in three versions; Fly, Convertible, and Open.  Patrone Moreno latest new model is the 100 available in two Inboard or Outboard versions and celebrates the in the name the first century of activity of the Italian builder.  Patrone Moreno new web showroom is available in Italian and English and takes you around with the following buttons: About, Boats, Pre-Owned, Services, News, and Contacts.  Patrone Moreno is also on social media with link buttons at the left corner of the page taking you to its Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

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