July 24, 2022

Web: Comitti New Web Site

Comitti presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  Founded in Como on 1956, by Mario Comitti it has since its inception and up till today kept true to its roots of building runabout and fast cruisers in wood and fiberglass.  Following Mario Comitti the helm of the shipyard was taken over by his son Elio, and in 2003 sold to the current ownership of Raimondo Reiner.  Today Comitti builds ten models in three lines; Venezia, Breva, and Izola, with the entry level being the Venezia 22 and the flagship the Breva 35.  Comitti also offers its Custom range with five models being shown in the website including two modified 25 and 28 Venezia models, and three Limo models.  Comitti new website is available in Italian, English, and German language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Heritage, Lifestyle, Boats, Downloads, Second-Hand, Events, and Contacts.  Comitti is also on social media with left button links taking you to its YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter pages.  

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