July 10, 2022

Sport Cruiser Saved from Sinking Near Savona

A nine meter sport cruiser with eleven persons onboard, eight adults and three children was saved from sinking on the late morning of Sunday tenth June, in the Baia dei Saraceni, to the South-West of Savona.  Immediate assistance came from the Italian coast guard, who after taking the persons to safety, starting procedure to safe the sport cruiser.  In the evening of Sunday, tenth June the sport cruiser was taken to safety at Finale Ligure marina facility.  The cause of the sinking are not reported.
The sport cruiser in this accident is an Airon Marine 325, a model produced from 2002 and still in production as at today.  The Airon 325 features an open accommodation layout sleeping five persons plus a dinette, and shower head, and is powered by twin diesel engines from 170 to 220hp or gas petrol up to 320hp.  Top speed is to about 35 knots with the large diesels option.  Airon has sold so far about two hundred 325's, which considering it is a semi custom boat builder, that is a lot. 

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